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Brian Sumner

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Started off in crypto in 2017 and fell in love with the blockhain. After a few years of studying and researching, the binance smart chain caught his eye. He got paid to work for projects like babydoge and minidoge that hit extremely high marketcaps. After working for other founders, he decided to launch is own project, Galaxy Heroes. This project hit over $130m mc and is listed on over 30 exchanges. GHC just celebrated their one year anniversary. His true passion is creating a fun, exciting and secure environment for his community.


Game Development

Rudecane has been a crypto junky since the early days of crypto back in '08, Have been partners with big ticket projects, A proud member of a blockchain council and is known for having an educational crypto lounge that has 4,000 active subscribers.

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Creative Development | NFT Design

Has worked with Brian on Galaxy Heroes. Worked with Projects that has been running for 2 years. Has intensive NFT and crypto creative knowledge.

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